Custom: Not Available at the Moment

The studio is under construction. It will return soon.

Custom made jewelry is available upon request. If you would like one of the pieces in a different color, please let me know and I can make it in the color of your choice.


I  offer unique memorial pendants which allow you to always remember the special connection you have with a beloved animal companion and wear it close to your heart. Through my process, my jewelry allows for about a teaspoon of ashes and your chosen jewelry to become one beautiful piece that is simple, modern, and always unique. Any of the pendant designs on my site can be made into a memoir. You can either choose clear or add a color to it. Each set of ashes have their own color, and will lend their own unique signature to the color. But I will do my best to get as close as possible to your color choice.  Once I get your order, email me and we can discuss what part of the pendant you would like me to add the ashes to.  I will also then email you the instructions on how to send me the ashes.


If you have a favorite beach that you went to growing up and is very special to you, then that could become a custom piece.  I can add the sand from that magical beach into a pendant to turn that pendant into something more than just a pendant.  I had a customer who brought me a bag of sand from the Eel River, which I used and incorporated into pendants for his wife and 7 sisters.  It was a place for the family that contained many wonderful memories.


These are some examples of custom pieces. Please email me if you have an idea of something you would like to see made.